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World Religions: Thoughts on the Course

Studying religion at a Catholic school has been fascinating, albeit rather challenging. Although I am a Christian, and still celebrate Christian holidays with my friends and family, my relationship to God, the universe, the energies and spirits or whatever is out there is my own, and I’ve never felt that any religion has done it justice in describing it. This is why I was very excited to learn World Religions, and get a glimpse at many different religions. Hopefully I’d come out with a few that I really liked, and I definitely did! [Click to read more]


Differences in Political Responses to the Great Depression and the Recession of 2008 in Canada

In the early 1900s, many governments believed in the classical theory that the economic system was self-balancing. As a result, when the Great Depression began in 1929, it was expected that the crisis would eventually end by itself and that there was little to be done by the government. Although the Provincial and Municipal governments were already in debt due to the many development projects undertaken during the 1920s, the federal government offered them minimal aid. Bennett’s conservative government also ignored a lot of the struggles that were going on in western Canada, instead focusing their political and diplomatic agendas towards satisfying its largest voter base, which was situated in eastern Canada and was primarily urban. There was a serious imbalance in conditions throughout Canada, with a shocking 2/3 of the rural and prairie farming population dependent on the meagre government assistance they were receiving, compared to the 1/5 of the population that was struggling in other areas of Canada. The government’s initial support for these issues was minimal, costing them valuable years at the onset of the Great Depression. [Click to read more]

Literary Commentary

“Vicious” and Morality

This book was packed with some pretty heavy moral questions, as its main underlying theme was the fight between evil and "less-evil". We've got Victor on the one hand, who's clearly an introvert with no "good intentions" to look out for others or help others, but incredibly smart and ambitious. Then there's Eli, the popular but smart and (also) ambitious one. At first, they're both united by a shared intelligence and passion in college. But what happens when their situation changes, and they both obtain supernatural powers really shows their true colours in ways that makes you question who is truly, morally right. [Click to read more]


Hey there

Hey there! I’m so glad you’ve decided to pop by! Whether you’re visiting because you were a reader of my eight-year-old blog or just happened to find the name "Silver Tome" around the interwebs, it’s great to have you here! I’ve been blogging since 2009, and I love sharing writing that others will read and benefit from. As my first post on this new blog, I'd like to welcome you and tell you a little bit about this blog and how it came about. [Click to read more]